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'The earth is what we have in common' - Wendell Berry

We advise on waste management and provide environmental education for our variety of suppliers. Via informing benefits of being environmentally friendly and current social awarenesses we actively encourage suppliers to adopt environment related certificates such as FSC, ISO14001 etc... Currently, approximately 50% of our suppliers globally are certified with BSCI, over 90% for ISO14001 and 100% have been audited by a recognized organisation.

The rapid growth of environmental issues is our deepest concern, we are heavily invested in not only the quality and efficiency of our service but the impact we can make by promoting sustainable products into our daily lives starting from home necessities. Without support from our suppliers and clients support we will not have the resources to develop sustainable products and encourage sustainable lifestyle. 


Corporate Responsibilities

Working together with our clients and legal advisors we developed a detailed code of conduct for suppliers to agree upon collaborating. We effectively diminish the issues working with suppliers without audits significantly reducing risks, grievances and product defects.


Through understanding the subjective aspect and surrounding environment, our code is more applicable to suppliers enabling them to meet standards and continuous step-by-step improvements.


Our code of conduct is up to date with U.S. and U.K. trade/product regulations. Key points covered: Working Conditions, Protection of Environment, Ethical Business Behavior, Anti-discrimination, Child Labor protection etc..
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Tomco Foundation

Your gateway to worldwide charity

Since 1986 we believe giving back to our community is essential in being a organisation, no matter if business is good or not efforts remain the same. Our founder grew up working class in a low GPD and politically chaos 60's Hong Kong - families of 10 shared a 300SQF flat and having two basic meals a day was considered fortunate. He established Tomco Charity in 2016, an independent division focusing on organising charity work and optimising our charity efforts. Some of our recent work include:

Collaborating with Helping Hand HK. Twice a year we serve 200+ elderlies without family via home visits, understanding what they need and giving out daily essentials.

Junior Police Call: Actively/financially involved in helping troubled teens re-enter society and educating local youths on contributing society and becoming a future leader. 

We work closely with our partners Giving Love HK to examine and respond to societal needs in this rapidly changing environment.

Annual donations to UNICEF, Orbis, Red Cross, OCFR etc..

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