Our product partners (suppliers) spread across China, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey. Each country/region reserve its own resources, which are utilised by local manufacturers to produce specialised products of the highest quality. Our supplier network grows parallel with our product porforlio - each new supplier are personally audited by the senior members of our team prior to collaborations. 

  1. Our code of conduct is developed with our clients and often updated. Likewise, we work closely with suppliers understanding their limitations, capabilities and surrounding environment to find a suitable solution for them to meet standards and continue to improve - after all each factory operates differently.

  2. Each order is checked and signed off by one of our QC’s, every shipment is documented. Every QC practice the company policy IRRCIP to ensure each and every piece is up to requirement. Moreover every defect is documented we keep record of each supplier.

  3. Apart from doing factory audits and recommending suppliers on certified audits, our senior members visits each factory every few years and every new factory. We educate and update suppliers on current social awarenesses and benefits of being environmentally friendly.

Through supplier management our suppliers are satisfied to build a long lasting relationship, giving us the advantage of developing new products with them.

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