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Established in 1986

"Our vision is to make quality homeware accessible anywhere and affordable to anyone via care-free and tailored trading."

The Lee family began trading mid 1950s providing Asian homes with everyday necessities. Adapting to the rapid development of transportation and increased demand for world trade founder and second generation Tony Lee established Creative Tomco Limited in 1986. 32 years on our product line expanded parallel with our customer base . We take full responsibility of the manufacturing and logistics end of the supply chain to encourage a hassle-free and confident service, whatever product you want to source or build we'll find a solution bringing the most suitable product to your consumers in the most efficient method. Tell us your preference, whatever you need we can advise and make it work.

We serve clients from diverse industries of all sizes, two of which are remaining clients from the year of establishment. By constantly reevaluating how value can be added to the convenience of the service along with our consistency, reliability and detail-orientation customers will be sure to get exactly what they want. Our family-like team run by the Lee family is a team-orientated horizontal culture with a strong encouragement on nurturing and training as everyone has their own strengths and contribution. 30+ years on the team works closely together and communicate like a start-up. Our merchandisers are limited to 5 clients each to maximise attention to detail.

  1. 32 years of experience in over 30 countries and 50+ markets

  2. We are highly reputable and 98% on-time delivery rate

  3. Stable & strong sourcing network to provide the most competitive price, flexibility and reliability

  4. Supplier management: quality control team, factory audits conducted by our senior staff and educating manufacturers

Future of Interior:
1. Smart Decor - with the increase demand for smart home appliances and home automation we aim to capitalise on integrating interior design and home decor with digitalisation via design advising applications and newly developed smart decorative products.


2. Multi-Use - Reacting to the limited living spaces within city-centre apartments, the importance of multi-use furniture, houseware and gadgets for space-saving have never been more significant. Also, a perfect tool for simple and clean living.

3) Sustainability - Environmental hazards are becoming more prominent, sustainable lifestyle is a trend we are heavily promoting. We have successfully turned 40% of our product into sustainable production while helping certain client source recycled products e.g. paper straws, paper boxes, plastic boxes etc..


3) Digitalisation - We are currently researching towards a completely digitalised supply chain platform, one which everyone from  manufacturers to consumers can oversee each stage of the order. Clients will be able to manage their orders, make changes, reorder and track.

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